The existence of space and time is impossible without the principles of physics . Max planck is a german theoretical physicist who originated Quantum Theory which won him the Noble prize in 1918 . His main works were based on the quantum theory which dealt with the dimensional positioning of space and time . His works were very much appreciated and 83 institutions were established under Max Planck society which gave the positive vibrations of research in Physics .
Talking about his early life , his paternal great grandfather and grandfather were theology professors in Gottingen , Germany . His Father was Law professor in Munich . His unforgettable moments were marching as Prussian , Austrian troops in Kiel for Second Schleswig War . His family later moved to Munich . He was the 6th child in the family though two of his siblings were born to their father’s first marriage . When he went for his gymnasium school , mathematics teacher took interest to teach him astronomy and mechanics .Planck was the first one to learn about the Law of conservation of Energy . He was graduated at the age of 17 .

In Munich his physics professor Jolly advised him not to get into the field of Physics since all the principles were discovered and advised him to concentrate on other things . But with the self motivation , he assured himself to discover incredible in Physics .

In 1877 he went to Berlin, for a year of study in physics with Helmholtz , kirchoff ,Karl . After understanding clausius writings and lectures he chose his major field as Heat theory .

In 1881 he presented his theory , Equilibrium of isotropic bodies at different temperature . Even though he was rejected the academic community , clausius work was very well focused . In 1885 University of Kiel appointed him as the associate professor in theoretical Physics . He proposed theory on electrolytic dissolution .

His Family permanently moved to Berlin and they had four children . Many well renowed scientists like Albert Einsten , Otto ,Helmholtz were the frequent visitors to his apartment . He joined the as professor at the Berlin University . He was the first fellow to use the term called Entropy for which the word was considered as a mathematical spook . He joined the local physicis community of Germany .

He gathered his attention towards the black body radiation . He was appointed by the electric companies to bring out a solution to maximize the intensity of electric bulb with minimum energy . He came up with a solution called the Principle of Elementary Disorder . He further formulated the electromagnetic energy into his planck formula, which contains the plancks constant . That was the birth of Quantum Physics and the greatest contribution to the Physics world .

In 1905 , he published his three theoretical papers on a journal called Annalene der Physik , very historical physics journal best known for works of Albert Einsten . He was awarded the Noble Prize for Physics in 1918 for his work in Quantum Theory . Apart from his scientific achievements , he was an atheist , before his death he has converted into Roman catholic community .

– A.Calvin Antony