Are you the type of person who wishes to be in control of everything you do? If yes, let’s begin with your Email, where your day starts.

E-Mail has been the professional way of communication. It has been into use for a long period of time that the technology has become quiet stagnant in terms of user experience.

To overcome the limitations plugins were created. This is my list of top five plugins which can be used to power up your email, they are listed below with their purposes.

  1. Unroll.Me

It can be used to reduce the clutter in your inbox. It is a service which focuses on unsubscribing from ad/services which are irrelevant to the user most of the times.

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  1. Boomerang for Gmail

Another great add-on which lets the user schedule when the mail should be sent. You would be able to exactly be specific when you want the mail to be sent, it acts as a reminder also.

A detailed review of this plugin can be seen here.

3. Sidekick

This is by far the most effective plugin for your mail. You get notifications on who receives your mail and when they open them. You get to choose which mails are to be tracked. Very effective for businesses and organizations.

Its been a wonderful experience using this plugin for the past few months, by far the most useful one on a daily basis when you are dealing with procrastinators. Yep, I am talking about myself.

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4. FullContact

Actually this is an improvement over the existing extension called Rapportive which has been stagnant in the R&D. You get to see more details about your contact without leaving your inbox. It helps you build better connections, and help you expand your network. Simply the digital address book which is in sync with your mail.

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  1. FindBigMail

In case you are running out of space in your Gmail, the quickest fix is sorting out your inbox for large attachments in your stash. Once you have enlisted in FindBigMail this humongous task of sorting would be easily done to clean out your stash. Definitely a must have service for your mail.

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