Ever wondered how the teleportation pods shown in a Star Trek movie or Justice League Animated series work?  Those all seemed cool but impossible right? , well I say it’s  not for too long before we have one for the regular teleportation, all because of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is theoretical science that has been bugging the reality employed in all the science we have studied so far, bending them in certain ways .Once we understand quantum mechanics we would lose our sense of reality and begin to look at everything at a much different perspective.

First what is quantum mechanics? in simple words it is the science of uncertainty, whereas all the science we have been studying is relying on certainty .That is we can predict the position of a particle in space with absolute certainty , whereas according to quantum mechanics a particle is not always entitled to be at a particular place alone it can be simultaneously at multiple places , weird as it sounds , it has been hard to digest for many physicists in the beginning but the experiment after experiment the bizarre properties and laws quantum mechanics have always found to be true, as it has even explained some of the unexplainable results  in physics . One such result was the observation of distinct colored lines, rather than a colored spectrum, when the light emitted by a heated gas were observed using a prism. It was then physicist Neils Bhor explained in his model,

That when heated, the electron jumps between orbits during which it emits distinct colored lines as observed and the color depends upon the orbits between which the electrons jump. Whats was more closely to be observed was when the electron jumped between these orbits, it never travelled across the space between the orbits it just began to appear simultaneously on the other orbit.Bhor supported to this saying that the electrons have discrete chunks of energy and can only move to those corresponding orbits. The theory also states that say the location of a particle for instance, is uncertain only until its measured and becomes absolutely certain after measurement .There has one physicist who can never believe in uncertainty till the end and it’s Albert Einstein , there has one thing in peculiar that has been hitting hard on Einstein , the theory of entanglement and the relativity to measurement , according to quantum mechanics when two particles come close together they can be entangled and their properties can be linked so well that even if you separate them over very, very long distances they two would still be linked and relatively by the property of measurement if one of the entangled particles is measured not only does its state change but also , the particle linked with it . Einstein termed this as “spooky connection”. He did not say that this was not possible but there could be a simpler way to go around rather than active measurement, like by knowing the spin of the linked particle .Bhor and Einstein were always on contradicting thoughts regarding this discussion, but it never came to an end as Einstein passed away at the age of 76.

Some critical questions asked by Einstein were still left unanswered like, we are made up of particles then why don’t we exhibit any properties related to quantum mechanics? Still several physicists have carried out experiments to verify quantum mechanics and none have managed to disprove the laws of quantum mechanics. Though many questions related to quantum mechanics have been unanswered some interesting theories have been proposed. Like all of quantum mechanics have been would be effective at the lower atomic levels they tend to loose certain significance with the magnification of particles. Also there exists a state of parallel dimensions where the different states that exist simultaneously as proposed by quantum mechanics do exist in these parallel dimensions, sounds crazy right? Though as crazy as it might sound, quantum mechanics has been embraced and its equations are the major reason why we have advanced from the 19th century as without it electronics this modern era would be merely impossible.

So now how quantum mechanics could be applied to make teleportation a reality? ,let’s say we want to teleport from India to Europe , the idea is of having three chambers , two in India and one at Europe .Now the two chambers one at India and one at the Europe , is filled with particles and the particles in one chamber is entangled with the particles in  the other chamber. The person to be teleported is then sent into the other chamber in India then a scan is initiated where the particles on the person’s body are scanned for the quantum states are Checked in between the person’s body particles and the chamber in India and a list is created ,this list is then entangled with the particles in Europe and the list is transferred to the Receiver’s end, where the reconstruction sequence begins as the list is used to reconstruct the quantum state of every single particle of the person. The main part is that there is no travel of particles involved, rather extraction and reconstitution of particles with the help of entanglement.

What I see is, whatever was impossible or was an awesome imagination, turned out to be awesome reality, also it could be the next probable solution to a big problem that has been hunting nature and mankind. I insist all to go out and imagine, as a crazy artist, and sketch out your paintings of solutions with a confidence that science like quantum mechanics could make it a reality.