Just buying a computer and keeping it dust proof is not the only maintenance practice one needs to do. There are members of the First Order who, would always seek a way to get into our computers and the Virus was one method that was discovered and still being used. Computers infected with viruses can get completely disrupted. Read through to know more about these viruses.

In March16,1971  by Robert (Bob) H.Thomas  at BBN technologies who recognized the first computer virus called creeper virus.BBN Technology is a high-technology company which plays an important role in development of Packet Switching networks. Robert(Bob)H.Thomas  with small group of programmers developed a time shared system called TENEX. Thomas  program was one of the self-replicating program(a program which has self-replication called as virus).The virus that consisted of self replicating programs affected industrial and sub-company computers and unfortunately it enters into Arpanet before getting stopped. Creeper program ran an old TENEX OS  which has the capability to view mailing programs .

The Creeper would start to print file, it then stops  and if it finds another TENEX system it establishes a open connection .Before transferring to another system, it would display the message “ I’m THE CREEPER,CATCH ME IF U CAN” on infected computers.To propagate forward to other system the virus would attempt to remove itself from existing system without any external forces.It just moseyed around the network. All the virus programs were initially coded in assembly  language.

It’s the time for the Jedi to appear now. Ray Tomilson who is the first founder of Anti-virus software. It was Released in 1972 to destroy creeper activities,”Reaper Program” was created which is moved throughout  the network , it replicates themselves , then it detects and recognizes the creeper and fades them away.

On November 2,1988  ,Robert Tappan Morris,a cornell student officially recognized a virus called “Morris Wom” born on  November 8,1965. Robert  Tappan  Morris is an assistant professor in MIT’s ECE Department and member of CSE department & artificial intelligence. On  designing  and  modelling  large computing networks, he received PhD from Harvard University. He built Arpa-funded ATM switch with per-circuit,hop by hop flow control. From USENIX,he awarded as best student paper award for his mobile communication project.

His interest enforced on software based routers, bifurcation of internet fraffic, scalable and ad-hoc networking. His virus ”Morris Worm” became first to spread rapidly via internet rather than floppy disk transferring. The main purpose of Morris Worm was to measure the size of the internet and it was never meant to cause any damages to computer. He believed that only one copy of the worm would infect each  computer, and that virus generates several copies. He programmed the worm to duplicate itself during every 7th time when it receives an “Yes”response. As a result of bug in the code,the viruses(worm) got out of author’s hand  and crashed networks all over the internet. The worm infected more than 6,000  supercomputers,research centres and military properties.Robert was convicted under computer fraud and  abuse  act on March7,1991.

The cost involved in removing the worm for each computer ranges from  $200 to more than $53,000

Later,He joined as the faculty in dept of Computer Science (CSE) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1995,he cofounded viaweb,a start-up company that made software for building the online stores.To his luck,viaweb  sold for $49 million to yahoo,they renamed the software as “Yahoo!store”.In 2006 he received Tenure award. Later that year be became the technical advisor of Meraki networks. In 2008, he released “ARC programming language”. In 2010,he awarded the SIGOPS Markweiss award.


“For Every Action,there is an equal and opposite reaction”. If someone tries to create and injecting viruses, there are others who will work against the virus itself