Until the insecurity of our species was due to other species, it was easily manageable. But when a situation raised where our species itself became threat for our self, there came much importance for safety which made human to start trusting machines instead of trusting his own kind. One such machine which was invented to ensure safety of jewelry, money and even some most important persons while transporting is called armored vehicle.

Even though it is Leonardo Da Vinci who designed the first armored vehicle, it is David Havelock Bellamore who made it reach public. Bellamore Armored Motor Bank Car is the first armored car built and released to the public by the company Bellamore Armored car & Equipment Co in 1910. The interior of the car has a banking room, including a large steel safe, the door of which is equipped with a heavy bolt-work system, with a combination lock capable of 100,000,000 changes. The windows, doors and other points of attack are protected by electric burglar alarms; the walls and roof are built of steel and the construction throughout is fireproof.Untitled1.png


Modern day armored vehicles varies from Garda, one used for money transfer between banks and ATMs to Rolls Royce Ghost, one used for personal safety. It also includes the presidential cars such as the beast which are designed to withstand even a biochemical attack or even more to withstand the effect of land mine blast under it. They are provided with advanced safety features such as Night vision system, Automatic steering assist, Fuel tanks covered with foams which can withstand the explosion of fuel tank, Panic button to alert others in case of danger, Armor plated doors, Body made of dual hardened steel, aluminium, titanium or ceramic, Chassis made of reinforced steel plates, Bullet proof glass and run flat tires reinforced by Kevlar which is puncture free.


It is not only used in presidential armored cars but also to the armored vehicles used for banking purpose. In fact they include more safety feature than the presidential vehicles which includes a safety locker, burglar alarm, bomb detectors, ability to kill fuel tank remotely etc.


Even though they seem to be safe, the insecurity shows up in case of God created killing agents such as natural calamities. They include the best technologies yet it is not efficient enough because of its huge weight and fuel consumption. However the incomparable safety features make them preferable for safe rides. By upgrading them with the upcoming technologies, they can be made even more safe and efficient.