Working as a UX Researcher, I have been questioning everything to make sure the product comes out right. Having a conflict of interest with the boss in the business model which you are going to follow is not a good sign. But when you feel you are right, explain it.

Me being a first time employee in a company after a short stint of freelancing after college, I was wary of the working culture in a company. Since being paranoid is my thing, I researched on how to project my opinion without making a wrong impression.

So here is what I did!
P.S. This is for someone who really has a genuine reason to persuade someone. You should be prepared for contradictions.

Step 1: Commend them

Be Polite, do not disagree immediately. If you want them to agree to your perspective, first respect theirs. Let the interlocutor know, the parts of his concept that you agree with.

Step 2: Set the stage for Grandeur

You basically have to make the interlocutor suggest your idea as his own. It’s easy to say but that’s very tricky. Following the Simon’s Golden Circle principle, project “Why” you conceptualised your idea with facts. Which would lead the interlocutor to the “What” of your idea.

Simon Sinek Golden Principle.png

Step 3: Now Showmanship.

Okay so you have to be certain when you present the “How” part of your idea without getting aggressive. After you complete give them some time to ponder over what you have just said.., And don’t try to impose if it doesn’t work out, you won’t be right always.

All being said, I am working on myself to get these things less messed up. Thus goes my 3- Step mantra.

Did it work?

Absolutely! But I completely changed the order of these steps (Eagerness/Anxiety not sure). But when you are honest, people can understand your emotions.